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Our laboratory involves our talented packaging students in every project that we are working on. Therefore, our clients not only get solutions to their packaging challenges but also get to help future generations of packaging students to be more prepared.

Facilities - Main Picture

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William H. Sardo Jr. Pallet and Container Research Lab

distribution lab

The William H. Sardo Jr. laboratory is equipped with highly specialized equipment that is designed to test a wide variety of package types: from small packages for e-commerce, to thousand pound unit loads, to full truck loads ready for delivery. This lab is also the premier pallet testing facility in the world and works with industry-leading wood, plastic, metal, and corrugated pallet companies. 

Corrugated Packaging Materials Laboratory

corrugated lab

The Corrugated Packaging Materials Laboratory is equipped with everything needed to conduct testing on corrugated sheets and converted packaging at all of the various manufacturing stages. This lab can also help maximize performance while reducing the costs and improving the sustainability of your packages. Services available include packaging and materials testing based on American and international standards as well as the development of custom tests. 

Sustainable Primary Packaging Laboratory

primary lab

The Sustainable Primary Packaging Laboratory provides a diverse selection of primary package material testing services. This lab is equipped with high-tech equipment to conduct material testing. The evaluation of primary packaging materials is essential because there is constant development of new materials as demanded by our global society of fast moving consumer trends.

Fastener Testing Lab

corrugated lab

Our Pallet Fastener Testing Lab allow companies to comply with fastener regulations. Fasteners are measured by length and width of the shank, angle and type of the thread, shape and size of the head. And, fasteners are tested for how much force it takes to bend them, and how much force it takes to pull them out after they’ve been driven into any particular substance (wood, metal, plaster, etc…). The more force that it takes to bend or pull the fastener, the stronger that fastener is, which in turn leads to a stronger finished product.

Amazon SIOC Certification

amazon lab

We here at Virginia Tech have the only facility in Virginia that is APASS and ISTA certified. We are certified to conduct all of ISTA's Amazon tests including Project 6: Amazon – SIOC (A-G) and Project 6: Over-boxing. Due to their extensive experience in distribution and protective packaging, our faculty and staff are also qualified to help improve your packaging so that it will pass all applicable Amazon testing requirements!

IKEA Corrugated Board Certification

ikea lab

We are one of the four IKEA certified laboratories in the world, and we are the only one in North America. Our lab offers certifications for corrugated boards and load bearers. Our research-grade testing equipment and our staff, who have gained experience through large scale research projects, can ensure that the results you receive are always accurate and of the highest quality.