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Contact Us for Testing Services

Contact Us for Testing Services

Our team contains experts in packaging materials, pallets, and unit loads, supply chains and optimization, lean manufacturing and process improvement. Our diverse expertise and 40+ years of knowledge generated through state-of-the-art research and real life industrial consulting allows us to help your company to create safer, more sustainable, cheaper packages, unit loads, and distribution supply chains.

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Laszlo Horvath

Laszlo Horvath

Pallet Testing Laboratory

  • Pallet Testing
  • Pallet Block and/or Component Testing
  • ASTM, ISO and AIAG Standards Testing
  • Provide alternative designs and materials configurations

Fastener Testing

  • Pallet Fastener Testing
  • Mibant Testing
  • Fastener Pull-Through Testing
  • Fastener Withdrawal Testing

Distribution Packaging Testing Laboratory

  • Distribution and Protective Packaging Testing
  • ISTA Testing
  • Multiple types of sensors for use in testing
  • Provide alternative designs and material configurations

Amazon APASS Certification

  • ISTA's Amazon Series Testing
  • Amazon's Overbox Testing
  • Amazon's SIOC Testing
  • Provide alternative designs and material configurations

Eduardo Molina

Laszlo Horvath

Corrugated Materials Testing Laboratory

  • Package evaluation of corrugated fiberboard material properties (sheets and converted packaging).
  • Development of custom test methods on custom package designs.

IKEA Corrugated Board Certification

  • Material characteristics testing of corrugated fiberboard 
  • Testing of pallet feet and load bearers

Packaging Design and Prototyping

  • Corrugated Sheets Testing
  • Converted Packaging Testing
  • TAPPI, ISO, and Others Standard Testing
  • Provide alternative designs and material configurations



The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design


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