Contract Testing

Our facilities and 40+ year experience allow us to perform standardized or customized based on ISO, ASTM, ANSI, and TAPPI standards

High Standards

Our laboratory is certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) showing our high commitment to pursue quality. We are one of the few laboratories who are continuously involved in ISO and ASTM working groups to develop the next generation of packaging standards.

Short Courses

We generated a lot of knowledge in the last 40+ years on how to design and optimize packaging systems. We are sharing this knowledge with our industry partners in our bi-annual short courses and workshops.


Looking to gain competitive advantage? Let us be your partner in this journey and develop the next generation of packaging and unit load design system together.

Student Involvement

As part of an academic institution we are providing an opportunity to our best students to interact with industry and utilize the knowledge that they acquired in the classroom.

Customized Testing Projects

Our 40+ years of expertise allow us to develop custom testing projects to meet the needs of our clients. Call us any time to discuss your specific needs

State-of-the-art Research

We have the best researchers in-house to develop the next generation of biodegradable bottles, nano-cellulose reinforced packaging materials, and state-of-the-art drug delivery systems

We help packaging, pallet, and materials handling industries save money, resources, and lives

We evaluate all aspects of unit load and material handling design and efficiency

Unit Load
a single item, a number of items, or bulk material which is arranged and restrained so that the load can be stored, picked up, and moved between two locations as a single mass.