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Distribution Packaging Lab

Distribution Packaging Laboratory

The Distribution Packaging Lab offers research and contract testing services to industry members for packaging that needs to travel thru any distribution environment. We are certified to conduct all ISTA standards testing. We have an extensive array of sensors that can be used to research your particular packaging issues. Due to CPULD's extensive experience in distribution and protective packaging, our faculty are qualified to help improve your packaging so that it will pass all applicable testing requirements.

Distribution Packaging Lab

Distribution Packaging Lab

A Look Inside the Lab...

If you have experienced excessive damage claims, high packaging costs, or are contemplating the introduction of a new unit load or package design, this laboratory’s testing services will be a real benefit to you.

We offer a wide range of testing services to our clients:

  • Unit load pre-shipment testing according to ISTA or ASTM D4169
  • Package certification using ISTA or NMFTA procedures
  • Amazon SIOC and FFP certification testing
  • Measurement of hazards using sensors
  • Custom test development
  • Cold chain packaging design and testing

We are an independent, ISTA and NMFTA certified, testing laboratory, staffed by highly-skilled, certified technicians who can perform tests in accordance with ASTM, AIAG, TAPPI, ISO, and ISTA standards and customized application methods developed in our laboratory for and/or by our clients. We are also part of the Amazon APASS network and equipped to conduct all existing ISTA Amazon package tests. 


Learn more about the various tests performed in this lab below:


Vibration Testing

vibration testing

Free Fall Drop Testing


Vertical Shock Testing