Abid Hassan's Research

Abid Hassan's Research

Abid Hassan

M.S. Student.


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Abid Hassan has recently joined CPULD to study cold chain packaging systems under Dr. Eduardo Molina.

Research Summary:

Insulated packaging is vital for transporting products sensitive to temperature changes, such as certain foods, drugs, and pharmaceuticals. A significant volume of products is shipped using materials that generate a significant, negative environmental impact and there is a pressing need to develop better and more sustainable cold chain packaging systems. These packaging materials need to have strict performance requirements, such as maintaining products at temperatures between 2°C to 8°C to protect the integrity of the sensitive contents.

To achieve this goal, this project will first characterize the thermal properties of different materials and components used for passive insulated shipping containers. Once the materials have been fully characterized, a finite element model will be developed to conduct thermal simulations that replicate different supply chains. The analysis of the project will include a proper characterization of the thermal properties of commonly used non-biodegradable or non-recyclable insulation materials, corrugated packaging, and various PCMs.

The second phase of the project is designed to introduce different insulation materials to replace conventional non-recyclable insulation. Analysis from phase one will help to design new insulation material that ensures the desired shipment condition for temperature-sensitive products. Standard thermal test procedures will be followed to maintain a more controlled practice for experimental analysis and model accuracy verification. The approach to finding alternate insulation material will help to build a sustainable environment and reduce the overall impact of thermally sensitive product shipping.