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Our students are conducting state-of-the-art research projects to optimize the efficiency, cost and sustainability of the distribution packaging sector.

Student studying sensor data for research project



The Center’s research areas are driven by the needs to the packaging industry and society. Our research team is focusing a wide range of projects including

  • Developing of new ways to optimize distribution packaging systems and unit loads by using the physical interaction between the components
  • Quantifying and improving the sustainability of distribution packages through the development of life cycle inventories and conducting life cycle analysis
  • Conducting feasibility studies and supply chain analyses using the latest technology in smart and connected packaging.
  • Development of novel bio-based primary packaging materials
  • Conducting market studies of the distribution packaging sector

Most projects are conducted through our Industrial Affiliate Membership Program; however, Sponsored Research projects are also available for more individualized research projects.

In addition to the research projects, the Center maintains an extensive research database that includes articles on subjects such as: the performance of driven fasteners, observations of damage frequency, and damage severity levels occurring in pallets. Our pallet data, in particular, is vital to researchers developing reliability-based models of pallets, containers, and other such related structures.

Diagram showing all areas of CPULD research.