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Pallet Load Capacity Testing

Pallets are ubiquitous in the global supply chain. If a pallet fails to provide a safe and stable platform, people can be hurt and product can be damaged. Hence, pallets must be rigorously tested to make sure that they can safely support the unit loads that are stacked on them and to determine that they will continue to work in a variety of environmental conditions – all while regularly being moved around warehouses.


Pallet testing includes a wide variety of tests including the evaluation of the safe load capacity of the pallet under various conditions. Pallet Load Capacity testing can be conducted to ISO, ASTM, or any other standard required.



Equipment used for Pallet Load Capacity Testing:


Tinius Olsen Compression Machine

Max Test Dimensions: 60.5”x 60”
Max Unit Load Height: 78"
Loading Mode: Airbag or Floating/Fixed Platen
Max Load: 24,000lbs

Custom Pallet Tester

Max Dimensions: 69″ x 57″ x 16″
Loading Mode: Airbag
Max Load: 10,000lbs
Max Airbag Pressure: 11psi