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Unit Load Containment

Our lab is equipped to use and investigate the latest load stabilizing methods, including stretch wrap, strapping, slip sheets, palletizing adhesives and more. We have a research grade stretch wrapping equipment that can simulate any stretch wrapping method commonly used in the industry. We are also fully equipped to conduct detailed evaluations on the how the performance of stretch film changes under different conditions.


Equipment used for Unit Load Containment:

Synergy 4: High Profile Automatic Stretch Wrapper

Max Footprint: 64″x 64″ or 84″x 48″
Load Capacity: 4,000lbs
Max Wrap Height: 102″
Max Stretch Film Width: 20″
Additional Attachments: bottom roping bar, film finger roping, Highlight Industries Portable Film Force System (3 load cells), Lantech CFT-5 measuring tool, ASTM pull plate.