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Bending Stiffness Testing

The bending stiffness rate of corrugated board is of major importance for determining the overall, top-to-bottom stacking strength of a finished corrugated box, as well as determining the box’s ability to resist buckling. This test measures the flexural rigidity and cross direction rigidity of corrugated boards using the four-point method.

Bending stiffness is closely related to the thickness of the corrugated board materials making up the box as well as the quality of the inner and outer liner layers of the corrugated board. 


Equipment used for Bending Stiffness Testing:

L&W 4-Point Bending
Stiffness Tester

Bending Length: 2″- 12″ (50mm – 300mm)
Dead Weights: 0.044lb – 2.25lb (20g – 1,020g)
Maximum Thickness: 0.6″ (16mm)