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Evaluation of pallet deflection that occurs under various forklift handling conditions

Seth Capizzi

Seth Capizzi

Seth Capizzi

M.S. Student.

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Seth Capizzi is from Charlotte, NC. He chose CPULD's graduate program due to our "incredible accomplishments and growth. Their program continually develops new interests that coincide with the changing state of consumerism, and helps to optimize the way different industries operate." Seth hopes to succeeed as a graduate student and grow into a sustainablity-oriented packaging professional.

Research Abstract:

The research results of the first phase of this project revealed that the ISO 4.5-degree maximum deflection limit causes instability for unbound unit loads while transported with a forklift even if the pallet is handled from the length or the width. It was also found that the fork tines are deflecting about 0.25 in. during the testing which might contribute to the failure. When the load is secured with a stretch film no instability is observed.

To further evaluate this phenomenon, Phase 2 of the project has been designed. To determine the dynamic load capacity, two approaches have been proposed. First, a calibration study will be conducted using plastic pallets that are already safely have been used in the industry with a defined load capacity. The identified pallet designs will be tested using the reported payload with the testing procedure described in ISO 8611. The deflection of the pallet after 30 min. of creep will be recorded and aggregated. The aggregated deflection values will be compared to the values listed in ISO 8611.

Based on the findings of the above listed experiment, the top load used during the dynamic pallet testing will be modified and further testing will be conducted. 

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