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2023 Annual Industrial Affiliate Membership Meeting

Our next meeting will be held October 11th-12th, 2023. Learn about the results of our latest research projects, network with leading pallet and packaging companies, and meet with our talented students.

Member meeting 2022

Member meeting 2022

Upcoming Membership Votes

After the CPULD Annual Membership Meeting in August, the below link will be updated. Please plan on casting your vote for next year's research topics.


Searchable Library of Integrated Center Knowledge (SLICK):

SLICK is a digital library of research publications, theses, conference proceedings and bulletins covering a wide variety of topics including pallet fasteners, pallet durability, load capacity, pallet optimizations among many others.

Publications within SLICK are for the personal use of our members only. Publications may not be distributed or posted online without written permission of the center. Please note that we have obtained “permission to use” for all non-Virginia Tech publications posted within SLICK (but all rights are still reserved by the copyright owner).  

Historical Membership Meeting Documents

Research progress reports, proposed research topics, and presentations from previous years are accessible through the shared Google Drive linked to the button below. If you need access, please email J. Kate Bridgeman at and she will add you to the shared member drive..



Our webinars are designed to aid the training of new employees related to packaging, pallet and unit load design. The topics change every semester based on the needs of the members. 

All of our webinars are recorded and available for on demand viewing.

Download CPULD & VT Logos

If you would like to show your affiliation with CPULD, then you can download the latest Center or Virginia Tech logo. Please always link to our site: