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Thickness Testing

Thickness testing measures the width/thickness of corrugated board. It is used to determine caliper and to compare variations between samples.  The thickness is a product of flute size, number of layers of paper, and paper thickness. In general, stronger packaging can be created by using thicker corrugated board.

Multiple material properties will correlate to thickness of a board. The overall strength of a box, the board’s bending stiffness, and many other properties all relate back to the overall thickness of the corrugated board.


Equipment used for Thickness Testing:

Exact Automatic
Micrometer: Model DW

by E.J. Cady & Company

Anvils: 5/8″ 
Range: 0 – 1/2″
Pressure: 5.8+ p.s.i.
Accuracy: +.0002″ – .0003″ (+.00508 mm – .00762 mm)