The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design is one of the most experienced research centers in the area of package, pallet and unit load design. CPULD’s lab opened in 1976 and since then, we have been actively involved in the development of various ISO, ASTM, and MHIA standards to make the transportation of goods more environmentally friendly and more economical. Our facilities feature a comprehensive pallet and packaging testing lab and material handling equipment found in warehouses. CPULD's team includes experts in packaging, palletization, material handling and unit load design, who perform contract testing services, continuous education short courses, and industry research. Research at CPULD focuses on the development of systems-based technologies to optimize the relationship between the design and performance of unit loads and maximize the efficiency of the whole system.

CPULD is looking for worker(s) to conduct durability simulations using an industrial forklift. The position will require following a predefined set of handling steps using a forklift. It requires the ability to take photographs and enter and upload data on an iPad.  These simulations often will require work in an unconditioned space and/or the running of tests outside. This particular position is for the 2021 summer - starting mid-May 2021 and lasting through mid-August 2021. There is the possibility of this position lasting longer if the students hired wish to work throughout the fall semester.  We will provide all necessary training and the pay rate is $15.00 per hour.