CPULD is the one of the leading research facilities in the US that performs comprehensive research and development work, provides technical assistance, and offers educational programs focusing the whole packaging system including pallets, primary and secondary packaging, and material handling equipment. Using state of the art technology, we research every aspect of the material handling system from primary packaging through unit load design. The Center’s research team is focusing on developing new ways to optimize distribution packaging systems and unit loads by using the physical interaction between the components. Quantifying and improving the sustainability of distribution packages is at the fore front of our research mission. The Center has been developing life cycle inventories and conducting life cycle analysis on pallets and distribution packaging systems.

Our graduate student researchers focus on highly applied projects that focus on current challenges in the packaging industry:

  • Most projects are sponsored by large multinational packaging corporations.
  • Sustainability is in the core of all research projects.
  • Our research results are often built into a pallet design software that is used by packaging professionals.

Our graduate students have a chance to work in an internationally recognized pallet testing laboratory as a Graduate Laboratory Manager. During this experience, they will gain hands-on managerial experience and work on real life contract testing projects with major packaging companies. The interaction with the companies will give them life-long connections that will help with their future job hunts while the research projects give them actual industrial experience.