Oxygen Permeability Testing

Oxygen barrier property is the key of packaging system to protect the products from oxidation.

Oxygen permeability may vary with temperature, humidity, pressure, and specimen thickness.

Our OxySense equipment can also be used for non-invasive and invasive measurements of oil, water, and air and permits multiple measurements over time on the same package.

Package materials testing, as well as package evaluation and testing, are important parts of the research and development process. Testing helps ensure that new primary packaging materials and package designs are created specifically to handle real-world situations.


ASTM 2714

ASTM F2714-08: Standard Test Method for Oxygen Headspace Analysis of Packages Using Fluorescent Decay

Used to figure the permeability analysis (OTR) of films, bottles, and packages. This test method covers a procedure for determination of the oxygen concentration in the headspace within a sealed package without opening or compromising the integrity of the package. This test method requires that chemically coated components be placed on the inside surface of the package before closing. The package must be either transparent, translucent, or a transparent window must be affixed to the package surface without affecting the package’s integrity. As this test method determines the oxygen headspace over time, the oxygen permeability can easily be calculated as ingress per unit time as long as the volume of the container is known.


OxySense: Model 5250i

Lower Detection Limit: 0.03% 15ppb
Operating Temperature: -10C – 70oC
Operating Humidity: 0 -100%
Response Time: 1 Second