Bursting Strength Testing

Corrugated board in packaging ends up subjected to many damaging forces throughout the manufacturing and shipping processes. Corrugated board that rates higher in a Bursting Strength test means that it offers a higher level of protection to your product as outside forces have to work harder to damage the corrugated board to the point of puncture.

Bursting Strength testing basically measures the force required to puncture through a corrugated board. This strength comes from various factors, including thickness of the paper liner layers, narrowness of the flutes, and layers of glue holding everything together. 

This is also known as a Mullen Burst test, and it is one of the most common material properties test required by carriers and governments. It is used as the basis to define “standard grades” in commerce.

Package testing and packaging materials testing are important parts of the research and development process. Package evaluation through packaging tests help to ensure that all corrugated board products and new package designs are created specifically to handle real-world situations.


ISO 2759

ISO 2759: Board – Determination of bursting strength.

This specifies a method for measuring the bursting strength of board submitted to increasing hydraulic pressure. It is applicable to all types of board having bursting strengths within the range 350 kPa to 5 500 kPa. It is also applicable to papers or boards having bursting strengths as low as 250 kPa if the paper or board is to be used to prepare a material of higher bursting strength, such as corrugated board.

TAPPI T810: Bursting Strength of Corrugated Board.

This method describes the procedure for measuring the bursting strength of single wall and double wall corrugated and solid fiberboard. The bursting strength of combined board is primarily an indication of the character of the materials used. Bursting strength of combined board is an optional requirement of the various carrier regulations for shipping containers. The bursting strength of the component paperboard is an important control test in the paperboard mill since the conformity of the finished container is generally controlled by the bursting strength of the paperboard.


Mullen Burst Tester:
Model A

Maximum Pressure: 1,000psi