Basis Weight Testing

Basis Weight testing measures the weight of corrugated board (in grammage) to determine the weight per unit area. Fiberboard is commonly referred to by its ‘mass per unit area.’

Corrugated boards’ weight can be a determining factor in strength and stiffness of the board, so finding the weight, or mass per unit area, is one of the first tests conducted when studying new board.

Package testing and packaging materials testing are important parts of the research and development process. Package evaluation through packaging tests help to ensure that all corrugated board products and new package designs are created specifically to handle real-world situations.


ISO 536

ISO 536: Paper and board – determination of grammage.

This International Standard specifies a method for determining the grammage of paper and board.

TAPPI T410: Grammage of paper and paperboard (weight per unit area).

In the United States the customary or commercial term for expressing the “weight” per unit area of paper has been “basis weight.” This is defined as the mass in pounds of a ream of a given sheet size and number of sheets.