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Distribution Packaging
Internship Program

The Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design’s pallet testing laboratory here at Virginia Tech hires four undergraduate students into its Distribution Packaging Internship Program each semester. We look for experienced laboratory assistants who have an interest in distribution packaging, strive in high performing teams, and can independently be responsible for high precision testing projects and continuous improvement projects. This position is expected to function with relative independence and high responsibility. Candidates will be expected to have strong interpersonal and organizational skills. The lab assistants will be involved in many aspects of the laboratory’s day to day operations and is expected to have a detail-oriented personality.

The internship is a whole year commitment and it includes the following segments:

• Three months, full-time summer internship (40 hours per week)
• Fall and Spring part-time work experience (8 hours per week minimum)
• Two semesters of specialized academic education (3 credits each semesters)

Although, applications are accepted year around. The selection of the candidates will start in January and the Distribution Packaging Internship Program starts each May.

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