Employment Opportunities

Part-Time Employment

This position is OPEN – Apply below!

Forklift Driver Position:

The Center is looking for students to conduct durability simulations using an industrial forklift. The position provides an opportunity to drive a forklift and learn how to improve the durability of pallets. We are looking for highly independent individuals who do not mind working in an often unconditioned space or to run the tests outside.

This student will be responsible for:
• Operating industrial forklift.
• Following standard operating procedures.
• Lifting up to 50lbs regularly and staying active during work hours.

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This position is OPEN – Apply below!

Animated / Whiteboard Video Creator:

The Center is looking for someone to help us create promotional videos, preferably in the whiteboard animation style, to explain to the public what our laboratories do with the pallets and packages we test. This position will provide a great opportunity for creative and technologically minded individuals to gain experience in working with animation/computer graphics.

Creating animated and/or whiteboard type video shorts to show and explain what we do here at CPULD. Scripting and narrating animated/whiteboard videos. Creation, revision, and maintenance of videos. Linking these videos to our current website/social media network.

Applicants need to have advanced knowledge of computer graphics and have their own software available to create animated/whiteboard type videos. Successful applicants should have previous experience creating these types of animated/whiteboard videos and will be required to provide examples of their work. Applicants need to be able to work offsite and independently.

Timeframe and Pay:
This position is open and will remain so until filled. Pay is commensurate with experience and will be paid upon the successful completion of each animated video.