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Jack Lumley

Graduating Spring 2020

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GPA: 2.85
Skills: Familiar with C++ coding, certified in operating a forklift, have experience working with numerous metal manufacturing machines such as plasma cutters and presses.
Geographical Restrictions: None
Resume: Attached Here
Find me on: LinkedIn

Jack Lumley is a junior from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. He decided to study in packaging systems and design because of the versatility within the industry and importance it plays in everyday life. His favorite classes this year are “Structures and Properties of Sustainable Biomaterials” because of his interest and love for the woods, and his internship course with Dr. Horvath because it provides a good fundamental background for many important professional and industry qualities. Jack’s ideal job would be one that he can travel with and eventually help a bigger cause regarding the food and water crisis around the world through packaging. You can catch Jack on the golf course or in the woods when he is not on campus doing homework.