Dianjin "David" Xu

Graduating Spring 2020

GPA: 3.46/4.0 overall, 3.87/4.0 major
Skills: Matlab, JMP, CAD(AutoCAD/ ArtiosCAD), Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Illustrator, Cape, BestLoad, LabVIEW, Certified ISTA Technician, certified forklift driver, Chinese language (fluent).
Geographical Restrictions: None
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Dianjin “David” Xu particularly enjoys his pallet and container classes because these courses allow him to practice designing new packaging and figuring out solutions to real-life problems all while developing teamwork skills and learning how to be an industry professional. He believes that working for the Center has helped turn him into “a dedicated worker, a scientific problem solver, and an honest experiment tester.” David grew up in Beijing, China where he was surrounded by the flavors of his home. He enjoys sharing this part of his home country by cooking Peking Roast Duck, Kongpao Chicken, Zhajiang noodle, Hotpot, and Baodu for his friends, after a friendly game of basketball. He intends to complete a Masters degree before finding employment with an international company based in China.