We are pleased to offer educational programs that specialize in training the employees of our target industries. We offer various short courses: these are classes that last 2-3 days and focus on pallet, container, and unit load design. These courses are taught by educational professionals with close ties to the industry. Courses also include tours of our state of the art laboratories, which are here on-site. We are always in the process of developing special programs to fit specific educational needs. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

The White Papers are publicly offered research articles and presentations that the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design has published. They contain compilations of data from the studies that we have conducted on packaging: its sustainability, reusability and design; pallets: their manufacture, testing, and design; and unit loads: its research and design. More articles are always being added as they are published so check out our White Papers for more information regarding these topics and more!

We offer a Distribution Packaging Internship Program (DPIP) here at the Center. This program selects the best students out of their class – based on their academic performance, professionalism and personal skills – and gives them more in-depth training which will better prepare them for a future job in the industry. They are expected to work as a laboratory technician during their academic career and they will participate in an internship as well as specialized coursework. Students who graduate from DPIP will make excellent industry employees!

We have learned a lot throughout our decades of wood products research and we can now offer that knowledge to you. Here in the FAQs section is offered a wealth of information regarding wood products in simple question/answer format. Whether you’re wondering about “the proper moisture content in wood products,” “what the International Phytosanitation Regulations are,” “how to get rid of insects,” or even “how to make pallets fire resistant” you can find the answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

These students are part of the Distribution Packaging Internship Program at Virginia Tech and are looking for summer internships or Co-Ops to be able to utilize their skills in an industrial setting. Due to the rigorous training program, they have extensive knowledge in pallets, packaging, and unit load design and evaluation. They are familiar with ASTM, ISO, and ISTA standards, and have exceptional work ethic. During the term, students work on various industrial projects. These projects are academically challenging and expand students’ knowledge in at least one of the fields of packaging. Each semester, our supporting members have the opportunity to submit a project for consideration as the students’ projects. Our faculty then selects one or two of the members’ projects per semester for the students to work on. At the end of every semester, students will present the results of their work to the supporting companies.

If you are looking for the chance to further your education and collaborate with world-renowned faculty members researching, testing, and designing new pallets, packaging, and unit loads, with the focus of safety, sustainability, and cost effectiveness, CPULD is the place. We offer both master’s and doctoral programs for qualified students. Being a successful graduate student requires intensive study and original research, so check into your options and make sure you choose the right path for you. You should always first talk with a faculty member in your intended area of study to learn about the current research needed and the assistantship funding availability. But, once you have talked with faculty, we have put together this handy guide to help you with the application process to graduate school here at Virginia Tech.