Dr. Laszlo Horvath

Associate Professor


Education: Dr. Horvath received a Masters of Science in Wood Engineering and a Masters of Science in Engineering Management in 2007 from the University of West Hungary.  In 2010, Dr. Horvath received a Ph.D. in Forest Biomaterials from North Carolina State University. Besides being an Associate Professor, Dr. Horvath is also the Director of the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design.

Dr. Horvath is one of the few packaging professionals who have received the ISTA CPLP – Professional Level certification. He is the chair of the ASTM D1185 working group, a U.S. delegate of TC 51, and a voting member of ANSI MH1 and MH 10 committees.

Research: Dr. Horvath’s research includes the following four main areas of interest:

  • Unit load Interactions: Investigation of interactions between the components of unit loads with the overall goal of reducing the cost of the packaging supply chain. Interactions include how pallet top deck stiffness affects the strength of various packages placed on the pallet and how load bridging between packages affects the load capacity of pallets. The information generated as part of this research area is being built into The Pallet Design System which is a commercial pallet design software.
  • Packaging Sustainability: Development of life cycle inventories and life cycle analysis of pallet production and repair.
  • Smart and Connected Packaging: Evaluating the feasibility and the applicability of smart and connected packaging for distribution packaging and warehousing.
  • Market Studies: Surveying of the current status of the wooden and plastic pallet and packaging sectors.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Interactions between package, pallet and material handling systems.
  • Computer modeling of mechanical performance.
  • Pallet and container design.
  • Unit load stability.
  • Life cycle analysis.
  • Packaging dynamics.
  • Packaging distribution systems.

Teaching: Dr. Horvath teaches the following courses on a regular basis.

  • SBIO 3006 Sustainable Packaging Design and Innovation I-II
  • SBIO 3224 Packaging Distribution Systems
  • SBIO 4024 Packaging Design for Global Distribution
  • SBIO 4224 Pallet, Container, and Unit Load Design

For more information regarding the Distribution Packaging and Unit Load testing services available through Dr. Horvath’s laboratory with the Center, Click Here!