About the Team

Our team contains experts in primary packaging and advanced packaging materials, pallets and distribution packaging, supply chain and optimization, lean manufacturing and process improvement. Our diverse expertise and 40+ years of knowledge generated through state-of-the-art research and real life industrial consulting allows us to help your company to create safer, more sustainable, and cheaper packages, unit loads, and transportation system.

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Dr. Laszlo Horvath

Associate Professor
(540) 231-7673

Contact Dr. Horvath with any Center questions concerning:

  • Quotes for new testing projects.
  • Distribution packaging evaluation, testing, & development.
  • Unit load design evaluation, testing, & development.
  • New research projects
  • Amazon Package Testing
  • Amazon FFP Certification
  • Membership with the Center
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Dr. John Bouldin

Managing Director
(540) 231-5370

Contact Dr. Bouldin with any Center questions concerning:

  • Ongoing research and testing projects.
  • Pallet lab management.
  • Scheduling future deliveries.
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Dr. Young Teck Kim

Assistant Professor
(540) 231-1156

Contact Dr. Kim with any Center questions concerning:

  • Primary packaging evaluation, testing, & development.
  • Plastic materials evaluation, testing, & development.
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Eduardo Molina

(540) 231-8215

Contact Mr. Molina with any Center questions concerning:

  • Corrugated packaging materials evaluation, testing, & development.
  • IKEA specific testing services.
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Angie Riegel

Program Specialist & Secretary
(540) 231-7107

Contact Angie with any Center questions concerning:

  • Immediate needs regarding deliveries.
  • Invoicing, AP/AR.
  • Human resources and payroll.
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J. Kate Bridgeman

Administrative Assistant
(540) 357-0342

Contact Kate with any Center questions

  • Scheduling meetings with Dr. Horvath.
  • Short courses/Other Center events.
  • Website and marketing.
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Contact Information

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Phone: (540) 231-7107 
Fax: (540) 231-8868

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